Chit Chat with Madeline from Popbasic July 16 2014, 0 Comments

Popbasic is a fashion brand similar to Pennie Post, in that it creates and releases small micro collections. Popbasic's limited edition, high quality basics are perfect, versatile staples for any wardrobe. I recently had the opportunity to do a little Q & A with Popbasic founder Madeline Veenstra to gain some insight on the unique brand she has created.
Popbasic is such a clever and unique company. Can you give us an overview about the Popbasic brand, and explain how it differs from other fashion brands? Thank you! From the very beginning we believed that there should be a way for women to build a wardrobe of beautiful basics, effortlessly. And that the experience itself should be super fun! We’re quite different to a regular fashion brand, as we release micro collections each month, with three pieces of clothing and accessories. You can opt in, whenever you feel that those staples are missing from your wardrobe. We also partner with a beauty and lifestyle brand to include a little surprise with each collection.

Have you always been a fashionista? How did you find yourself in the fashion industry? I definitely wouldn’t call myself a fashionista! I love fashion, but it’s not the most important thing to me. I worked in retail throughout my university studies, and I loved helping everyday women choose garments to add to their wardrobes. After I graduated, I worked as an economist and then started an online fashion community on the side, which brought out my love in ecommerce. 

How do you come up with new ideas for your micro collections? I always always ask our community! After all they’ll be wearing our collections. 

I've been hearing about your pen pal program via your Facebook page...what a great idea! I used to love having pen pals when I was younger. What inspired you to start this program? Just like you, I loved having pen pals when I was little. I feel like there is too much emphasis on emails and being online, so I wanted to bring back handwritten letters within our community. So far it has been a big hit!

How can someone sign up to be a part of your pen pal group and how does it work? All they need to do is contact me and I will match them with their partner! 

Do you have a stationery style? What kinds of designs do you look for in cards and notecards? I’m a sucker for anything bright and cute. Polka dots, stripes and metallics get me every time!

Where is your favorite place to find stationery to send your pen pals? I like going to Paper Source in San Francisco and also JapanTown is a great place to find gorgeous letter sets.

I hear you recently moved from Australia to San Francisco. What is your favorite thing about your new city and what do you miss most about your old home? I love how vibrant San Francisco is! There is always something new around every corner. I definitely miss the weather in Australia. Where I’m from it’s hot all year round.

Any exciting hints you can give us about what is in store for Popbasic in the near future? Of course! We’re launching a line of silk blouses and leather clutch bags later this year. I’m really excited about them.

If your wardrobe needs a little refreshing, or you want to sign up for their pen pal program, definitely check out Popbasic. We were lucky enough to partner with Popbasic for one of their newest collections, and can't be more excited about it!

Below are a few photos from Popbasic's past and current micro collections. Just beautiful!