Making the Deconstructed Floral Lines Card August 07 2014, 2 Comments

the Deconstructed Floral Lines card is one of the designs I created for the August subscription of Pennie Post. It's a playful girly floral, with a little bit of funk mixed in. I started with a simple floral line drawing using my Uni Style Fit pen.


Next, I placed my line drawing on a light box with a piece of watercolor paper on top of it and painted in the flower colors. I wanted to keep this layer separate just in case I messed up and needed to paint the watercolor layer again. 


I scanned in both the drawing and painting and layered them on top of each other in Photoshop

A little Adobe Illustrator magic, and....tada!

I hope you enjoyed this card. I love how the cool mint color looks next to the pop of bright pink. Who will you be sending this card to?

I'll be posting the August Pennie Post reveal soon, so stay tuned to check out the rest of the cards in this subscription collection.