"You've Got Mail" | A Pennie Post Greeting Card Story August 28 2014, 0 Comments

We all remember the movie "You've Got Mail" and the way sparks flew from one browser to the next as Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks waited with glee for when their computer would mutter the three words they had been waiting for..."You've Got Mail".  Besides for electronic mail, snail mail has became something of the past. As technology has advanced, the specialized note seems to have fallen at the wayside. But today, we talk about how in a world full of technology, emails, texts and chatting online can never replace the way one feels when they open their mail box to discover a personalized greeting card or letter.

Lets talk about Mary. Mary is a grandmother to seven beautiful grandchildren, all of whom live more than 3 hours from her. Her birthday is coming up and she knows that her daughters and sons will not be able to make the trip up this time to see her. She expects they may call, or maybe even send something over such as flowers. The idea of a birthday celebration seems lost, until she visits the mailbox the morning of her birthday. Inside, she discovers a beautiful Pennie Post card and when she opens it, she discovers all of her grandchildren' signatures scattered around the folds of the card, wishing her a happy birthday. Her youngest grandchild, James has squiggled a stick-figure smiley face beside his name, making her mimic the smile into her own. What a delightful surprise!

Lets go down the street and look at Robert. Robert now lives alone, since his girlfriend moved out and hasn't been feeling happy lately. He has a cold and shivers as he takes a walk down to his mailbox. When he opens the mailbox, he looks through stacks of bills and browses for a moment at the name on each one. But, something catches his eye. A card! "Is this for me?" he thinks as he reads over his hand printed name on the envelope. He opens it up to reveal a custom greeting card, unlike one he has ever seen before. The image on the cover makes him smile slyly, and he opens it to reveal a card from his parents. His parents have written in very big letters "WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU". Suddenly, Robert doesn't feel cold anymore, as his heart glows from the reminder of his family.

Here at Pennie Post, we are bringing back that electric feeling to people who anticipate opening their mailboxes. A mailbox is no longer just a placeholder for incoming bills, but a reminder that someone out there cares about you, is thinking about you, and wishing you well.

This leaves only one question to ask...who's day will you brighten when you send a Pennie Post card?