A Touch of Class To The Modern Day Note September 11 2014, 0 Comments

From a birthday card to holiday greeting, and even a note to your best friend just to say hello -- these are all just some examples of ways we express our feelings to people. Some people still view a letter as being old-fashioned, so how can we take things up a notch? 

The answer is easy with Pennie Post. Pennie Post redefines that classic handwritten letter and ups the ante on class and perfection. Have you seen this adorable "Hi" letter? (below) For example, this simple "Hi" instantly expresses happiness, joy and translates to the reader that you are thinking about them, all in a classy (and adorable) manner!



Or how do you say "thank you" to that special person in your life? Maybe its your child's new school teacher? Or your neighbor down the street? Check out this great stationery by Pennie Post that will help you say it all: 


Pennie Post is redefining the way we communicate. There is no more worry or stress involved in going to the store to find  a card! Simply sign up for the Pennie Post monthly stationery subscription and instantly receive cards throughout the month! All thats left is your personal message.