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Happy Spring DIY Gift: Basil in a Jar April 03 2015, 1 Comment

I have an easy DIY gift today that anyone would enjoy receiving. While plants can be intimidating to some, basil is easy to care for and makes a great windowsill plant. Plus, who doesn't love fresh basil in their supper?

While it is a bit late to sprout these as an Easter gift, a happy spring is reason enough to give a jar to a friend.

You will need:

- A mason jar

- Basil seeds

- Rocks for drainage

- Potting soil

- Gift tag and string or ribbon

Place the rocks in the bottom of the jar and then cover with potting soil. Sprinkle about 5-8 seeds on the top of the jar and barely cover them with soil. Water the seeds. Because of the rocks on the bottom you don't really need to worry about over watering.

Read your seed package, but generally after 5-10 days your seeds should sprout. After they sprout you can thin them out so there are 3-5 sprouts per jar. Once leaves have formed you will want to place them in an area that gets some sun, like a windowsill.

Now all you need to do is add a pretty tag and gift them to a friend for some spring cheer. I practiced my calligraphy with some blank tags I had. If you don't have blank tags you can make your own with our Recycled DIY Gift Tag Tutorial, or use the watercolor floral gift tag from our April subscription!

Don't forget to make an extra basil jar for yourself. Here is a photo of one I've had for a few months. It's still going strong! Planting in a clear jar is pretty interesting because you can see all of the roots grow in addition the leaves.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy Spring!


FREE Holiday Gift Destination Note Set November 13 2014, 0 Comments

If you are an Instagram or Facebook follower, you may have seen some photos of these cards that I've have been busy working on. I love to travel and was inspired to create some little notecards that feature iconic illustrations of things that make each city so unique. I've created cards for Tokyo, Paris and London, which other cities would you like to see for possible future cards?

As a holiday gift from Pennie Post to you I am giving away a free set of 6 (2 of each design) destination cards and envelopes. These gift sets will be FREE with a Pennie Post purchase of $60 or more through December 15th. If you purchase a gift subscription the free gift will automatically go to the gift subscription recipient unless otherwise noted in your Gift Note box during checkout. If you are already a subscriber and wish to receive this card gift set you can purchase a new subscription and it can be added to your current subscription length, just leave a note in the Gift Note box at checkout.

To redeem the free gift set use code: PPGIFT14 at checkout. It will come up as a $.01 discount, and this is your verification that your free gift has been redeemed.

Merci Beaucoup Thank You Note

Cheerio Greeting Card

Arigato Thank You Card

Don't forget that Pennie Post makes an awesome holiday subscription gift for any stationery lover. It's the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Not only brighten the subscription recipients day, but also everyone he/she sends their greeting cards to! Keep Pennie Post in mind for your holiday gift giving and take advantage of our free stationery gift offer!

Stationery Gift Guide Roundup September 09 2014, 1 Comment

Our Pennie Post gift subscriptions no doubt make for an awesome birthday or holiday gift. I've rounded up some more wonderfully cute gift ideas that I think any stationery lover would appreciate.

Clockwise from the top: Pennie Post Stationery Gift Subscription, Assorted Pen Set, CB2 Fox Paperclip Holder, CB2 Rose Gold Letter Holder, Swingline Pink Staples, Poppin Stapler, Penguin Washi Tape Dispenser, Gold and Silver Washi Tape, Nate Berkus for Target Gold Shears

DIY Mason Jar Gift for Stationery Lover and Printable Tag September 01 2014, 2 Comments

There are tons of mason jar gift ideas floating around online. Mason jars are pretty trendy these days, and they make the perfect inexpensive cute container for little goodies. While perusing Pinterest I mostly saw jars filled with sweets, baking mixes, and manicure items, but no gifts for stationery lovers?! What?! Stationery lovers love tiny cute things, right? So, I decided to gather up some cute stationery goodies for my mason jar and even designed a printable tag to go along with it. If you are in need of a last minute gift, this is the perfect DIY. These jars would also be awesome as gift favors for a party or a shower. We all know Pennie Post makes an awesome present for any stationery lover and this mason jar would go along great with a gift subscription!

To make your own mason jar gift, simply download the printable goodies tag, punch a hole in the tag, fill the jar to your heart's content and then wrap it all up with some string or a ribbon.

Here's what I found to go inside my jar: Rainbow Herringbone Enclosures by Pennie Post, tiny blue notebook, roll of washi tape, multi colored sticky tabs, handmade fabric covered magnets, hippo stickers, turquoise bakers twine, and a pouch of spiral paperclips.

I found these fuzzy hippo stickers on a recent trip to Japan. How cute are they?!

I hope you enjoy the goodies tag printable and create some fun mason jar gifts of your own!